Comfort Zones Demystified As Theory Of Motivation – Motivational WebTV #17

Theory Of Motivation Demystified

They say that pictures are more effective than words so I’ve decided to use graphics to show you more about one of the more common phrases you will hear in the world of personal development.  Here is the next episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV where I talk about a theory of motivation.  I talk a lot about comfort zones in both my live motivational and diversity talks as well as in my personal development book ‘The Life Champion In You‘.  The concept of comfort zones is quite common in the world of personal development but it is still a rather hard term to get a good handle on as a theory of motivation.

This is because comfort zones are mainly internal feelings more than anything else as they are intanglibles to most people.  So a comfort zone can be rather abstract in nature.  This new Motivational WebTV episode will help demystify comfort zones by showing you how they can be seen as tanglible rather than intanglible.

I show you some analogies using various boxes and this is taken straight out of my book and live talks into your computer screen.  People usually get a much better handle on comfort zones how they relate to personal success when they see my interpretation using the boxes.

See the new episode as I demystify comfort zones as a theory of motivation here;

In previous episodes of Motivational WebTV, I showed some examples of comfort zone expansion including one of my favourites which utilizes my karate bo staff weapon.  That is another example taken straight out of my live motivational talks.  In case you missed that particular episode, see it at Karate Weapon Comfort Zone.

Other Motivation Factors For Success On Video

I will have a lot more interesting examples of comfort zone expansion as motivation factors for success including more awesome scuba diving video footage in future episodes of Motivational WebTV coming up and now that you will have seen theory of motivation illustrated by the boxes in this video, you will be able to relate to the entire concept better and also use it for your own personal success plans.

If you feel that others would benefit from seeing this current episode which demystifies comfort zones, please share it with them as I want to help out as many people as possible.  Feel free to leave your own comments after this blog post or right at my Facebook pages.

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  • Great job Clint. I really enjoyed your video, and will go back and watch some more.

  • Thanks for your comment Dave. Feel free to share any episode.

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  • Well done Clint. The increases are achievable and you made it real with your tangible examples. OK, 10% increase for me this week. Thank you.

  • You are more than welcome and thanks for viewing.

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    10/10 and recomended for EVERYONE!

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