Teaching Diversity Activities

Diversity Activities

Diversity activities can be fun.  Many organizations such as companies, government groups and even schools find diversity challenges requiring help in managing that growing diversity both internally within and externally with outside partners or customers.  A full seminar that includes different activities to help train people in diversity would certainly be helpful.  Such a seminar would involve teaching diversity activities to help people develop the right type of skills useful in diverse environments.

I have a full three hour seminar for this very purpose.  This half day long seminar is an interactive and fun workshop that includes all the principles from my Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Business & Personal Success keynote speaking program plus much more!  It is intended for groups who want a ‘hands-on’ working seminar to actively develop diversity skills for use in the workplace as well as in personal life.

Seminar participants will learn how to interact successfully with others through group activities during the session.  There will be lots of interactive discussion with the entire group as well as activities within smaller teams of four to five people to brainstorm ideas and issues in diversity.  These types of diversity activities are not possible during standard keynote talks but are major components of this group seminar — your people will be busy taking on challenges to deal with diverse working environments.

Half Day Program With Diversity Activities

This half day seminar designed for teaching skills through diversity activities can be run either in the morning or in the afternoon (or even as an evening program if during an intensive conference or meeting).

For a lot more information on my half day program, see my webpage on Diversity Training Programs where there is a short video on it as well as a sample schedule agenda.  Actually, I reproduced that video right here below for your convenience.

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