Take Action To Share Knowledge For Success

All the #success gurus claim that we should take action to share our knowledge with others that will eventually lead to our own personal and professional success.  Last summer, I remarked to someone that I happen to have been training all my dogs to use a litter box indoors as part of their house training.  I said that I should write a book on it since it is a growing trend in the dog world, especially for dogs living in areas with cold winters and those in high-rise apartment buildings.

This personal then asked, “Why don’t you then?”

Well, over the last several months, in addition to my work I’m already doing in personal development motivation and diversity, I started a new dog website to help  owners with training and health issues.  I also started a dog Facebook page.

I went ahead and shot a basic dog obedience training video that I offer for free to help new (and not so new) dog owners out in terms of some minimum standards for their dogs.  All of this is meant to build an online community of dog lovers.

Then I started writing an actual book specifically on house training dogs to use a litter box this summer since it is my niche expertise knowledge I have as a dog owner for many years.  The book is finally completed and is just being reviewed right now.

I hope to finally make it available at my dog training website in a few weeks so that my knowledge on this topic can be shared with those who will find it useful out there.  This will lead not only to success for these dog owners and their dogs but would make me happy as well since I’m taking action to do a good thing.  In this case, many new dog owners will be more successful with their dogs and this will mean less unwanted dogs at the animal shelters.

My decision to take action to share knowledge will be a winning situation for everyone involved.  If the idea was just left as an idea, nothing would have came out of this.  I had to take real action to put the entire project together and once the book is released, it will become another branch of my online existence to help others in achieving success.

You too can achieve success in many areas of life by taking action to start your projects.  If you have acquired certain knowledge over the years, taking action to share this knowledge with people who can use it will pay off in many ways.

take action success dog house training litter box

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  • Dog training is a requirement for a pet dog to behave. Amongst the greatest troubles I have noticed so far is that dog breeds react in a different way to some sorts of strategies.