Stop Doing Same Things That Don’t Work – Motivational WebTV #81

Stop Doing Same Things

If you did the same things last year which ended up with bad results and if you seem to have a pattern of doing such things where the end results are always undesirable, there’s a very simple logical solution.


Bad Relationships And Poor Health Results

For example, if you keep having unhappy relationships with abusive partners, then STOP dating those types of people.  You deserve better.

If you are always hoping to lose weight but are not successful (and are honest with yourself to admit that you still snack on junk food), then STOP eating unhealthy food and consult a dietician to help you get on the right track.

Also STOP your previous habit of not doing any exercise.  Your previous activities of eating poorly and not being active enough continued to result in not losing weight.

Money Related Results

If you still can’t get anywhere close to saving enough money to get out of debt and/or save up enough for a down payment to eventually buy your own home, then STOP going out to restaurants, buying take out coffees, going out to movies, bars and clubs all the time.  Have the occasionally entertaining night out but definitely drastically cut down what you have been doing.  You need to establish a budget and stick to it.

If your investments keep losing money each year then STOP investing in such low return securities like many mutual funds, stocks and bonds these days.  Consider educating yourself in how to invest in higher return investments like real estate properties instead.

This is exactly what I did as I got out of mutual funds and bonds that were not making any wealth for me.  Instead, I took action to learn about real estate investing the right way and now own several rental properties that provide me with a decent return (20% to 30% ROI) on my investment.

Latest Motivational WebTV Episode

Here is a video which represents the latest Motivational WebTV episode about stopping doing the same things over and over that do not work to produce desirable results for you.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve produced a new episode as my ski season has been keeping me quite busy this winter.

Now as you will see in the examples in the video and in this post, you might feel that they are quite obvious … and they are.   But it’s incredible how so many people out there still keep on doing the same things over and over again even if they don’t get desired results.

Many people still get caught in bad relationships and many others still experience financial issues year after year.

So this is why this video and article are still worthwhile to at least remind us to stop doing things that just don’t work for us.  We will not achieve success by doing the same things over and over again if they don’t work.

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The last episode before this one featured awesome Airplanes From an Aircraft Carrier I visited a few summers ago.   It’s pretty entertaining.

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  • What was the name of the song in the video “stop doing the same activities” ?

  • I don’t know as they are supplied by Apple

  • Irvine

    Nice to have you back, I am looking forward to the 3 part series

  • Thanks Irvine. Hope things are going well in Montreal town!