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Aircraft Carrier Planes

Way back in episode 16 of my Motivational WebTV series, I shot video of a tour of the USS Midway, a US Navy aircraft carrier that has been turned into a floating museum in San Diego, California during a mini speaking tour there.  Do catch it at the previous link if you never did see that video because it really is an interesting episode as I take you through the inside of the aircraft carrier.

It turns out that I shot additional video footage of many of the aircraft that were on the ship and never aired them.  Well, I’m finally going to release this footage in this new episode along with the first time I’m using green screen (actually blue screen in my case) technology in Motivational WebTV.

It’s partly influenced by the recent trips I took to the Dominican Republic and Texas since they both involved taking flights on airplanes.  I used the skills that pilots have for flying their airplanes as an example of comfort zone expansion as you will see in this new video.

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