Star Trek Great Example Of Social Diversity

Social Diversity In Star Trek

I saw the latest Star Trek movie yesterday and much like other types of movie (Star Wars, etc) in this science fiction genre, there is often a mix of different human races as well as aliens working together. This is a great example of social diversity working at its best and this latest Star Trek movie was no exception. Seeing a developing friendship between Kirk and Spock was a real pleasure. Having said that, seeing Spock kissing with Uhura was certainly not expected!

Having the different aliens working together on Star Trek and being successful at it is about equality and a great example of what people here on Earth should strive for in our workplaces, schools and streets both within countries as well as between countries.

My presentations on social diversity are quite fun and educational but you can see what this program really offers by going to the description page for my Speaking Programs at my website. ¬†My signature social diversity program called ‘Kick Down Diversity Barriers’ is described in detail there.

My aim is to help organizations operative as effectively as in Star Trek.

star trek social diversity
Creative Commons License photo credit: San Diego Shooter

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