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I’m known as a sports motivational speaker since my bio involves my karate background.  In fact, my personal branding is the ‘only karate world champion motivational speaker’ and my self help book ‘The Life Champion In You’ has many martial arts elements.  I also display martial arts in all of my live talks and presentations to various audiences including companies, organizations, colleges and schools.

One of the questions that I’m often asked is my martial arts background whether I did karate, kung fu, tae kwon do or other styles.  I’m also often asked about my opinion on mixed martial arts and UFC as well since this is the rage in combat sports now (I’ll cover this topic separately in the future).

Sports Motivational Speaker Martial Arts Background

It turns out that I’ve been involved in martial arts for decades (I’m older than I look thanks to the health benefits of martial arts) and have trained in various styles.  My sports motivational background also includes a very long competition career since 1985 when I first started competing at local karate tournaments in the southern Ontario region.

Of course, I eventually competed at the international level and became a world champion in several divisions over the years.  A complete description of my martial arts background is at my motivational speaker website.  Also at this website is a partial list of competition victories which form the part 2 of the background.

Interestingly enough, I have managed to turn my sports background into unique personal development programs through books and speaking programs for everyone whether they are martial artists or not.  The same sports motivational principles that enabled me to succeed in martial arts competition can be used for everyday life success as well.

To learn more about how I turned a sports martial arts background into success principles that can be used by everyone, see my official Clint Cora motivational speaker website where you can also download my free World Champion Personal Growth Guide.

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