Speaker Testimonial

Here’s a testimonial I received from David Soo from the City of Mississauga’s Transportation & Works department;

“I just wanted to drop a few words regarding your excellent presentation given today at the City Of Mississauga. I was able to relate to your comment regarding Asian minorities in today’s society as I, myself, am Chinese Canadian. It’s very refreshing to see an individual as yourself stand up, speak loudly, eloquently, and effectively deliver a powerful presentation such as today’s!”

“Our society’s stereotypes do not usually empower and promote Asians as powerful and motivational icons. However, I believe the work you are doing is helping to eliminate that stereotype and I give you kudos in that regards! I look forward to reading your book. Thank you for the inspirational words and again, I enjoyed attending your presentation!”

I was called to do another presentation with another division this morning but unfortunately, it was on a travel date. Hopefully, I will get other opportunities in the future to help our my municipal departments.

I have other speaker testimonials.

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