Social Worker Feedback On Canadian Motivational Speaker Clint Cora

Canadian Motivational Speaker

Since as a Canadian motivational speaker who is physically located in the greater Toronto area, I can usually do motivational talks for groups within short notice if within the GTA and if it’s on a day when I usually don’t have speaking engagements already booked.

This was the case recently when a cultural social work community organization asked me to do a talk for their group on a Sunday afternoon.  Sundays are usually quite free for me in terms of speaking engagements and since it was located within 30 minutes, I agreed to it.

It turned out to be a really great audience as I did a 45 minute version of my ‘The Life Champion In You’ keynote presentation that is based on my book with the same title – all of my available keynotes are described at my Canadian motivational speaker program information webpages.

Social Worker Feedback On Canadian Motivational Speaker

My main contact was Aurora Rodulfa, a social worker I had met last year through the Toastmasters organization and she organized the event for this day.  Here is Aurora’s  feedback on my motivational keynote for her group.

“Clint never fails to amaze his audience.  In last Saturday’s event with Clint as a keynote inspirational speaker,  the participants expressed never ending appreciation for giving them hope amidst the challenges of living.  In between Clint’s talk, you could hear expression of amazement, their aha moments.  Clint’s presentation is very organized.  He uses simple words to explain his point.  Clint’s message is profound.  There is a life champion in each of us.”

For Canadian organizations and companies, there are some unique benefits in using Canadian motivational speakers for events as compared to speakers from outside of Canada.  I discuss some of these benefits in my Canadian motivational speaker webpage.

Of course, there is merit in using a Canadian motivational speaker for events outside of Canada as well since there is the added attraction of an international speaker on the agenda.  For general descriptions of my available talks, see my Speaking Programs section.

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