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Personal Development Skills

As many of you who have already been through one of the versions of my signature personal development skills, motivational speech presentation, I use some Powerpoint slides to show images that really complement what my messages are.  I decided to change over half of these images in the last few days to make them more personalized.

Some of these slide images will eventually make it onto a home study course product that I want to put together.  This will be a home version of the full day action planning seminar putting these personal development skills into action that I conduct.

The images were all taken personally by me and hopefully they will have a very positive effect on helping the audience relate to the main messages of my personal development skills motivational speech.

Some of them are quite humourous as well since I put myself in fairly compromising situations but that’s okay since getting a laugh out of the audience with my expense is totally acceptable.  Of course, different time versions of my presentation will have different numbers of slide images.  The full 60 minute version will have the complete set while the shorter versions will have less.

I will try to see if I should release some of these new images on this blog or somewhere on my website.  Or I just might leave them as a surprise when audiences see my live presentations.

I might also have a few of these new images on future episodes of my Motivational WebTV series as well.  After all, I realize that many people around the world will not have a chance to attend one of my live presentations anytime soon so the online route may be to the only opportunity to share these new images with them.

I am deeply honoured by anyone residing anywhere in the world who takes the time to watch my online personal development skills video shows so the least I could do is share as much as possible.

personal development skills workshop inspiration
Creative Commons License photo credit: John Kratz

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