Shooting Short Inspirational Clip At Toronto Fringe Festival

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One of my friends from Montreal, Tali Brady, is performing a solo show at the Toronto Fringe Festival this week.  I originally met her through Toastmasters clubs which I have been known to speak at.  Performing in theatrical plays was a natural extension of the skills Tali picked up at Toastmasters.  I’m going to downtown Toronto to catch her show called ‘Afternoon Tea With Jane Austen’.  I have no idea what her play is all about but have no doubt that it will be interesting for sure especially since it’s an original play she developed.  I will also shoot a short inspirational video clip by interviewing her after her performance.

This interview along with some quick moments of her in action during her play (she already gave me permission to do this) will be for a future episode of my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV series.  I will of course tie this into a short inspirational life lesson for that episode.

This will be the first time that I feature another person in my Motivational WebTV show but it certainly won’t be the first.  I have ideas of others who would also be great for my show and some are already eager to come on.

I don’t see Tali that often since she’s based in Montreal so this is a great opportunity to get her on video while she’s in town here in Toronto during the Fringe Festival.  It will be a real treat for viewers of Motivational WebTV as non-celebrity (for now) people are out there doing some really awesome things in life and my show will hopefully capture some of these to share and inspire everyone else through short inspirational clips.

The most current episode of Motivational WebTV of course is always at the home page of my official Clint Cora website and at the time of this blog post writing, it is the one with my martial arts karate bo staff weapon.

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