Shocking Fitness Statistics In Motivational WebTV #41

Fitness Statistics Grim

As you know, health is important but unfortunately, many people don’t do much about it.  Well, I’ve come across some indication on just how bad this is in terms of how many of us are really not putting enough importance in our health and fitness.  This is important to share with you to give you a better appreciation of the importance of health as well.  I was totally blown away when I saw on the evening news earlier this year, about the results of a Statistics Canada survey on fitness habits among Canadians.  The fitness statistics are indeed very grim.  In fact, they are so shocking that I just had to shoot a Motivational WebTV episode about it to urge my viewers to hopefully be more active in their lives.  In fact, I felt that it was my duty as a Canadian motivational speaker to share these results with you.

Personal Development Includes Health

The way I feel it is that personal development should include health.  When you work so hard in personal development for your career for example, it’s little use if you will not be healthy enough to actually enjoy the fruits of your labour.

This is not just for adults either as you will see in the video, the Statistics Canada survey covered kids as well and the data for children are even more dismal.  Parents of children should take extra note of these results as it relates to their kids and their future personal development.

Here is the video;

The fitness statistics that I reported in this video are for Canada only but I would think that other industrialized nations would have similar data.  So I would be curious.  Based on your observations in the area in which you live and work, would you say that these StatsCan figures are on par with what’s happening in your community as well?  Please feel free to comment below on how you think your community or social circle compares to the Canadian figures here.

Share Motivational WebTV

I hope this video will have some positive impact for you in a way that you will take positive steps for your own health in your personal development.  If you know others who would like this video, please share it with them.  There are buttons on the blog post to easily share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and by email.  All past episodes are at my motivational videos TV archive.

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  • Skyy

    Hi Clint,
    Thanks for pointing the stats out.I am not shocked or surprised.Yesterday just by going to the book store and the grocery store I have made note of obese people.The young security guard was so grossly obese that I can see him stretching the resources of the health care system in the future.It would be rude of me to say anything to him.
    Too many buffets and fast foods.Our lifestyle is also a factor.Working night shifts apparently changes hormonal level that contribute to obesity.It has been noticed that children involve in very few physical activities.Childhood obesity is on the rise because of sedentary lifestyle-sitting in front of TV or playing video games,texting.Yes at this rate we will see a lot of chronic diseases ie cardiovascular and diabetes to name a few in the near future.It is difficult to bring people out of denial unless they see personally someone suffering as a result of obesity.
    Thanks for the reminder that I have to take time out to do exercises and stretches.Those infrequent skiing is not enough.

  • Great observations Skyy! Yes, diabetes is on the rise too and this is directly related to current diet and exercise patterns.

  • Rajendra

    Great programe clint. God send us in a proper shape. But we people play with the god gifted great body and face so much problems. Due to uncertain life style and eating habits. Thanks for this revolution.

  • You are more than welcome Rajendra. Thanks for watching the video as well as your comment.

  • Alice Goulet

    Clint: Thank you! I have forwarded your “Shocking Fitness Statistics” to the director of the fitness centre where I work (insurance firm) and also to my Tae Kwan Do studio. Both are based in the GTA (work=Warden & Eglington ;dojo= Main St. subway)
    Would you be interested in making a short presentation at either location in the next 4 months? AG

  • Hi Alice, thanks for watching the video and your comment. I don’t really do ‘short’ presentations anymore since anything under 30 minutes don’t really do my topics justice. Take a look at my speaking programs and see which ones your groups might be interested in and then have them contact me to see if a talk is feasible.