Selfhelp Motivational Books Available At Amazon

#motivational #motivation #selfhelp  —  I use a secure shopping cart system to encrypt credit card information from people all over the world who order my selfhelp motivational books at my website.  The system I used was Clicshop but they just had too many downtime problems over the years so I have cancelled their service.

I’m now evaluating a new system and hope to get it in place by the end of this week.  In the meantime, anyone who is interested in getting my book The Life Champion In You can certainly order it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters or even your local retail bookstore as they should be able to order it in if you quote them the ISBN number for the book which is 978-0-9809190-1-1.

The digital ebook version is through Clickbank which has their own secure shopping systems as well as online retailers like Amazon.

For the audio CD program version of my selfhelp motivational books, please either hold off until I get a secure system online later this week or if you are located within North America, you can call my office toll free  ot order it over the phone as I have a message regarding that right at my books webpage at the moment.

The audio CD programs are unfortunately not offered at any online retailer or bookstore at the moment.  So far, it was intended only as a product available exclusively through my website and of course at my live talks where I offer all of my selfhelp books and CDs to my audiences.

Amazon is a good choice to use though.  I know of a few readers who did go through Amazon to get my book and they got it within 1-2 weeks of ordering.  I haven’t heard about experiences at the other online retailers yet but I imagine they would be pretty good too since they are reputable.

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