Self Improvement Tips On Two Precious Assets – Motivational WebTV #44

Self Improvement Tips On Precious Assets

When you hear the phrase ‘precious assets’, you might be thinking about gold and silver which of course is getting a lot of attention these days because of their increases in value.  But I’m going to talk about some other assets.  Two of the most precious assets we have are time and health, both which many of us take for granted. This month’s Dose of Motivation centers around self improvement tips about these assets. Denis Waitley said the following;

“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”

This is so true. If you always wanted to do something special or learn new skills like languages, play new sports or a new musical instrument or start a new business, but instead, you ended up doing more trivial activities like being a couch potato, then you wasted time.

Self Improvement Tips For Time

One way to make more productive use of your precious asset time is to spend one hour less of watching TV each night, or even per week. This one hour could be spend doing something towards what you always wanted to do like taking a swim class or starting a new venture. We can all afford to spend one hour less per week so this extra time adds up towards more constructive use.

Health is another precious asset we take for granted as we often ignore it until our doctor tells us we have high blood pressure or diabetes in our adulthood. We let our health go. In the accompanying episode of Motivational WebTV, I show you my home office white board where I have my personal schedule of fitness activities each week.

Self Improvement Tips For Health

I do different activities each day for variety. You certainly don’t have to do what I do but even a brisk 30 minute walk daily will do wonders for your health. Just make sure you have a system like a calendar to remind yourself as an appointment to do something for your health each day.

Here’s the self improvement tips on video;

Time is something we can never get back and health is difficult to get back if you ignore it. Take care of these two precious assets.

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  • Rajendra

    Time and health are the most important factor in life and releted to each other. If we dont manage time well. It affect to our health. And if we are not healthy. We can not utilize time properly. Results, our life disturbed and we unable to achive what we want in life. In other way life should be deciplained to take the fruit of life.

  • Well said Rajendra! Thanks for your comment.