Self Improvement Should Always Include Health

Include Health In Your Self Improvement

Last week, I had my annual medical checkup and the initial results were encouraging.  A blood pressure of 110/60 and everything from the physical exam with my doctor was well.  This week, I went back to my doctor to discuss the results of my blood and urine tests.

I was definitely hoping for good results since in my own self improvement activities and studies, I include health as a major component.  Personally, I think that health should be right up there with career or business related skills when it comes to self improvement.

Follow Up Doctor Visit

So as we went over the results of the various blood tests, my doctor told me that all major indicators like cholesterol were great and exceptionally healthy given my age.  Urinalysis was clear and the PSA test for prostate cancer was also normal.  He said that I should be doing the PSA test every year from now on even though currently in Ontario, we have to pay $30 for it.  If you are male and over 45, you should definitely talk to your doctor about this test.

The only red flag as expected was my hemoglobin levels which indicate that I have thallasemia minor which is no big news.  This has showed up each year and all it means is that I’m genetically slightly anemic with a lower red blood cell count than normal.  No treatment for it and can’t do anything about it so there’s no need for worries.

This condition might explain why I’ve never really been that fond of long distance endurance sports even though I do cardiovascular exercise.  My doctor says that my body can adjust over time which is probably what happened since I have no problems doing cardio.  Cardio is something that I intend to keep doing since it’s obviously an important factor in my exercise activities.  I just won’t be doing any marathons any time soon unless I train twice as hard as others.  But that’s okay since my sports interests are elsewhere.

So despite what some people think of my lifestyle, I’m certainly doing the right things in terms of health in my own self improvement.  Getting glowing medical exams is a great reward each year and this is possible for anybody as well if they are willing to also emphasize health.

If you want to know about some of the things I do for my own health self improvement, get my free World Champion Personal Growth Guide at my Clint Cora website or at the sidebar of this blog.  It’s also in the appendices of my book, ‘The Life Champion In You‘.

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