Self Growth In Havana Cuba Travel – Motivational WebTV #27

Self Growth In Havana Cuba

What do you think about when Cuba is mentioned?  Beaches and ocean or Castro and communist regime?  Well, I got to experience both during my trip there.  Here is the much anticipated episode of Motivational WebTV featuring video footage of Havana Cuba travel scenes from my recent trip there.  This will be quite a cultural diversity treat for both folks who have been to Cuba as well as those who have not.  This is also a trip that represented some self growth for me.

This is just the first episode of Motivational WebTV that will have Cuban content.  Another one is already produced which will feature scenes from rural Cuba as well as an awesome white sandy beach.  I still have enough video footage for a third episode too.  They won’t be aired one after another since I like to keep diversity topics a bit spread out over time.

Most of the video I shot especially in the Old Havana area is in this episode.  Since I had my Mac laptop with me during my trip, it was completely edited while I was still down there.

Here are the scenes from Havana as part of my self growth trip;

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Self Growth Trip

I think my American friends will be especially interested in seeing this since technically, the US travel embargo is still in effect and Cuba may therefore still represent ‘forbidden’ territory.  This embargo by the way did not stop Americans from visiting Cuba as I met some there who were obviously there for some sort of self growth as well.

This is the first episode post with both my website and the blog on a new server at Bluehost.  I migrated everything over from another hosting service on Friday night (since weekends are usually less busy in terms of website traffic).

At first, the blog had a minor glitch but with one quick phone call to their awesome technical support (which is available 24/7), things were quickly corrected.  I wanted everything working right in time for the release of this Havana video.   If you have a website/blog or planning to set one up, check out my article on how to choose web hosting services and why I presently highly recommend Bluehost.

Hope you enjoyed Havana!  More from my Cuba self growth trip soon.

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  • Great video. Love to go there someday. I saw two peacocks just wandering around in the street? Are they someone’s pets, or just wild animals?

  • I wasn’t too sure. There are quite a lot of stray animals running around town and I’m not certain which ones are owned and which ones are feral or wild. That’s Havana for you.

  • Susan V

    you always permit yourself to experience things … how broadening… we get to know you and ourselves through your experiences. thank you

  • Yes Susan, that’s the intention. I knew that many have not been to Cuba especially since it is still considered a communist country. So I wanted to share my experience there with others to help broaden their minds as well as my own. Thanks for watching as well as your comment.