Self Growth Tip: Stop Worrying About How Others Think About You

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Self Growth Tip

When I was younger, like many others, I always worried about how others thought of me as well as what to do if they ended up saying negative things to me.   I no longer have this issue but there are a lot of people out there that still do.  These people are trapped in a way because they worry about other people’s perceptions of them.  So I decided to shoot a new video with a self growth tip on how to manage this type of issue.

It’s really a two step strategy here.  If you ever start to feel doubt or worries about how other people think about you or what they say, the first thing to do is STOP what you are doing.

Then immediately go to the next step which is to ask yourself the following question;

“How important is this other person’s opinion to my success?”

If you answer this question with some logic, the answer would most likely be that this other person’s opinion is ‘not very important’ to your success.  Your success will NOT be dependant on how this person thinks of you or even what they say to you.

It’s like, who really cares about what the stranger on the street or on the bus really thinks of you?  That person’s opinion should have no bearing on what you can achieve in life.

If this is the case, then you should NOT WASTE ANY emotional energy worrying about how this person thinks or his/her feedback.  It’s just NOT important.

This is how I’ve been able to manage this type of issue ever since I learned this valuable self growth tip in a management training seminar when I was in the corporate sector.  It’s actually one of the more useful things I learned in the corporate world.

Sometimes Opinions Do Matter

Now to be realistic, of course sometimes other people’s opinions do matter.  For example, if this other person happens to be your boss, teacher, coach, key customer or significant other, then you should probably take his or her opinion seriously since it will affect your success on some level.

But in all other cases, you will quickly come to a conclusion that opinions of many other people, especially if they are ignorant, really do NOT matter.  Therefore, you should not get too worked up over them.

Here is my Motivational WebTV episode on this same strategy to help you really understand it better.

Share This Self Growth Tip Video

If you know others who would find this video useful, please share it with them.  There are buttons on the blog post to easily share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and by email.  All past episodes are at my Motivational WebTV Archive.

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So let me know what you think of this self growth tip as explained in this current video.  Just enter your thoughts below, especially if you have utilized such a self growth tip strategy for yourself.

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  • Whitneymgallegos

    This is one thing I need to really work on. Everyday someone’s thought process has an effect on my life. It adds more stress that is completely unecessary. If I try to focus on what my own thoughts and cares are then nothing else will matter. I need to stick to my own values and beliefs in order to succeed in life.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • You are more than welcome. Just remember the key question I outlined to ask yourself each time.

  • l learned a long time ago that other peoples opinions do not matter.
    Putting it into practice however is a constant battle. I, along with the rest of my siblings were constantly reminded whilst growing up that we were not as important as other people. Therefore other peoples opinions did matter. It was not restricted to teachers parents and people who did really matter. That meant anyones opinion.
    It meant that l could not say no to anyone. I was constantly trying to please everyone.

    Tthere came a time in my life when things were really difficult for me. I was married at the time and raising my four children. Having always had this inferioty complex, the re4sults of this finally took its toll. I spent a long time recovering from the illness it caused. a lot of soul searching and life changes went on as a result. One of the things that came up in my search was the fact that, actually l was as good as other people. All people are equal. it took me years to learn this.

    Its hard to shake off other peoples opinions. Especially if you are taught from birth, that they matter very much. However it can be done! To be patient with oneself can change your whole life. Do not take for granted that other peoples opinions are automatically right. Believe in yourself and create a wonderful new you.

  • All people are equal.

  • Thanks for much for sharing Patricia! And yes, it changes in your own attitude can indeed change for the better if you are patient and take action to make those changes.

  • Yes they certainly are but unfortunately, not all people choose to take the right actions and perservere enough to become successful.