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Extreme Inspirational Videos

Well, it’s finally here – the most gut-wrenching and extreme of inspirational videos I’ve ever produced.  Here is the long awaited scuba diving with sharks video episode.

The sharks portion of this episode was shot during my scuba diving adventure with them down off Freeport, Grand Bahama Island some years back.  Out of all my scuba diving experiences, this is by far the most extreme one I’ve had so far.

As soon as I jumped into the water, the 12 foot Caribbean black tip reef sharks started coming.  We were instructed to form a semi-circle at the bottom of the ocean as you will see in the video.  Then when the divemaster came down with the free food, there were over 35 sharks that surrounded us and they came out of nowhere.

Sharks Moved Like Torpedoes

I wasn’t really that scared of them, more excited.  But what I was really impressed with was the way they moved in the water.  They were like torpedoes in the water that could change directions at lightning speeds.

We were not suppose to touch them but when one swam right in front of me, I couldn’t resist the urge to reach out and touch it’s tail.  At least I could say that I touched a live shark now.

At one point, I felt something brush the top of my head and when I looked up, it was the belly of one huge shark brushing over my head!  It must have come from behind.  Talk about excitement!

This type of experience, although a bit extreme, was a personal reward for me in expanding my comfort zones first in the pool to learn how to swim, then become a certified scuba diver and finally taking a more extreme adventure in the ocean with the sharks.  Needless to day, this is one experience that I will never forget in my life and I do feel privileged to have shared the water with these awesome creatures.

Of course, I’m not saying that you should go as extreme as I did, unless you want to.  But the concept of comfort zone expansion just means that you should always strive to do more today and in the future than you did before.  That’s how you improve yourself in any area.

Now I’m honoured to share my scuba diving with sharks experience with you on video which is Motivational WebTV episode #59;

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Feel free to leave your comments below as I look forward to your reactions about the sharks 🙂

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  • Those sharks are so big and look scary. Good video. 😉

  • Thanks Harry. That’s why my heart was pounding the entire time! But it was more awe than fear when I was in the water since they are magnificent creatures in their own right.