Self Growth Possible At All Ages

#rotary #kiwanis #lionsclub  —  I presented at a Probus club this morning which is similar to a community service club like Rotary, Lions or Kiwanis except Probus members are usually retired professionals and business people.  Therefore, the membership is quite senior in age.  I really didn’t know what to expect but my time there this morning demonstrated that self growth is possible at all ages.

Although my motivational personal growth talks have been well received by senior audiences at Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis clubs in the past, I figured that this Probus club audience will be polite but not really take my content to heart since I’ve had feedback from the past from seniors that my information is good but they are too old in age to take major advantage of it.

Indeed, I did get one such comment from one elderly 85 year old gentleman this morning but when I added during my talk that goals, particularly health related, were important for all ages, the seniors agreed.  I even stressed that although goals are important for their age group, they are in a unique position to help their loved ones including sons, daughters and grandchildren achieve their goals.  They took this concept in with much enthusiasm.

The audience participation was good as well as I’m sure that most speakers they get do not offer as much as I do in that area.  The Probus club president who acted as the host of the meeting kept repeating the importance of expanding comfort zones which I introduced during my talk.  He said that next time a member is asked to introduce a speaker or do something up at the front of the audience, instead of running away, members should take the opportunity to expand their comfort zones.

A few members did so by volunteering to say a few words at the podium and I even got a few to come up and help me do some martial arts during my presentation.  This certainly proved that such self growth was possible at any age including the senior groups.

i think what one important concept many in the audience realized this morning was that even though their careers are over and they are enjoying retirement, they can still set good examples for their younger loved ones by showing that they can still have some self growth at their age.  This will in turn help influence their younger relatives to achieve their own goals.

Interestingly enough, sales of my self growth book The Life Champion In You. were quite good this morning after my talk and many admited that they intended to buy the book for their children and grandchildren.

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