Self Growth Staying At Cuban Casa Particular – Motivational WebTV #30

Cuban Casa Particulars For Self Growth

If you want to experience self growth in a big way with a trip to Cuba, have I got a way for you to do that while saving money at the same time.  It is now possible to stay at Cuban casa particulars which are basically private family residences that rent out rooms for tourists in Cuba.  These are much more affordable compared to hotels and resorts plus you get some other experiences which are pretty neat too.  In this third and final episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV featuring my Cuba trip, I show you the casa particular I stayed in while in Havana.  I also found that by staying at a casa particular, I experienced self growth that I wouldn’t have otherwise experienced if I stayed at a hotel.

I ended up getting pretty well an entire apartment to myself at the casa particular I stayed in.  I would definitely recommend trying one out for anybody who is planning to travel to Cuba, even for the cultural experience since you will be seeing how local Cuban families live.

The Electric Shower

One thing I also show in this video because it’s such a strange gadget to most of us who live in developed countries, is the dreaded electric shower.  Cuba is not the only country that uses electric showers but this was my first time encountering one.

I’m sure that since it’s been used for so long, that electric showers are safe to use but it sure was scary as I didn’t want to get shocked while taking a shower.  You can bet that I kept my showers pretty short!  This experience was part of my self growth believe it or not!

If you have friends who would be entertained by the clip of the electric shower in this video, please feel free to share it with them via any of the social media or email buttons above or below this blog post.

Here is the actual episode;

Overall, I would definitely recommend staying at a casa particular when travelling in Cuba even if for part of your time if you wanted to also spend some days at a resort or hotel.  It would be a good mix to try out different accommodations while down there.

Casa particulars in Havana would be the most expensive at about $30 to $35 per night compared to $20 to $25 elsewhere in Cuba.  However, even at Havana rates, it would be 30 to 50% of the average rates in the hotels.

A Real Trip Of Self Growth

This has been a real trip of self growth for me and I want to share as much of it as possible with everyone.  If you missed both my first two Motivational WebTV episodes featuring my Cuba trip, catch them here;

Havana Scenes

Rural Cuba and Beach Scenes

For the next episode of Motivational WebTV, I’ll  have my 2010 recap.  See you then for more self growth on video.

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  • Nice video, Clint. I wish it could be longer and showing more of Havana, such as the streets, or people around where you lived.

  • Thanks Harry. The first video was all Havana. See the link near the end of the post. I shot so much footage during my trip that I had to split it up into three separate episodes.

  • tllscruz

    Its a really nice article. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. It may bring change.