Scouting Locations For Motivational Video With Karate Weapon

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I was scouting possible locations yesterday for my Motivational WebTV show which of course is the online motivational video series that I do every two weeks or so for my personal development website.  Since I have a segment in my live motivational talk which involves a karate weapon bo staff, I want to include it as part of a future episode.

Possible locations suitable are in a soccer field, by the beach at the lakefront and in the woods where I usually take my two lhasa apso dogs for walks.  I usually like to have some privacy when I shoot my motivational video shows and out of these three locations, the beach would actually give me the least privacy since there are always people walking around even during weekdays.

Capturing good sound is important and a location such as the lakefront where there could be waves and wind may be factors.  The soccer field is usually okay if I pick the right times of the day when nobody will be around.  But it looks like the deep in the woods might be actually the best location for this shoot.

I have shot previous episodes in all three locations before and the woods spot was actually the best in terms of privacy, sound and lighting.  The only other factor about the woods is that I need a spot where I have enough room to work my karate weapon bo staff without hitting any bushes or trees.  Of course, the other locations would not have this type of complication.

I’ll try to shoot this motivational video episode soon and in the near future, my viewers will be able to see my bo staff in action along with an associated motivational message to go along with it.

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