Sales Motivational Speaker Identifies Another Missing Element From MLM

Sales Motivational Speaker

As a sales motivational speaker, I previously wrote about one of the recent experiences I had with somebody who was involved in a MLM business.  If you missed this post, see it at Why MLM Needs Sales Training.  I identified one of the missing steps she didn’t bother doing which was to take the time to qualify her prospective clients or customers.  Instead, she is just pushing her product or service on everyone she meets hoping to get a sale regardless of finding out if people really need her offerings or not.

This is really too bad because she is a nice person but just happens to be totally ignorant of professional selling techniques, much like many in MLM in my observation.  In this post, I will identify another missing element in sales techniques that she and others in MLM clearly do not quite understand.

Another Missing Element In MLM

In many industries in business like in pharmaceutical sales which I was involved in for 14 years, a big part of the selling process is to build trust and rapport with prospective clients.  This is especially true today in many sectors as well given that there are so many scams out there.  People like to do business with people they like and the only way you can get potential customers to really listen to you is to take the time to build a business relationship with them rather than push them on your product or service right away.

Going after an immediate sale without getting to know your client is such a turnoff.  It makes customers feel that you really do not care about them as it’s just the sales that you are looking at.  Indeed, many in MLM are guilty of this because I’ve been given the sales pitch pretty well right away upon meeting me before they even get to know me.

As a sales motivational speaker, I consider building trust and at least some type of business relationship with prospective customers a very important initial step as part of the selling process.  MLM people really need to learn how to do this.  Otherwise, they will continue to turn off people they meet.

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