Review Best Personal Growth Books For You

Best Personal Growth Books

Although I’m an author of a personal growth book called ‘The Life Champion In You’, I would also like to review the latest and best personal growth books available on the market for you.  I believe that the more we read, the better will will be in our own education.

This time, I got to read and review ‘The 1% Solution – How To Make Your Next 30 Days The Best Ever’ by Tom Connellan.   This book was written with a story type of format, much like Robin Sharma’s ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’.  It’s an interesting way to write about personal growth and I found the book quite easy to get through.

Messages Similar To Other Best Personal Growth Books

The main messages in The 1% Solution are similar to other best personal growth books.  One of these is that the difference between those who are exception and those who are exceptionally exceptional, as illustrated in Olympic events, is only 1%.  Connellan claims that if we improve just 1% in many areas of our lives, then this will have a big positive impact for us.  The aim is to be better at things compared to yesterday.

He also suggests in his story about the main character named Ken, who goes on to meet a group of other people who have found success with the 1% Solution, is that Ken would become more motivated if he just took action in things.  Action results in more motivation and vice versa.  Even small actions as long as they are the right actions can produce big results over time.

The 1% Solution also mentions the 21 day rule where permanent habits are formed with at least 21 days of practice but the book uses a 30 day version instead to make it a month.

Interestingly enough, The 1% Solution also claims that in addition to concentrated efforts on your tasks and goals, one must also have periods of planned recovery in the form of breaks.  Without such breaks, the overall performance will suffer.

The 1% Solution is a good read that won’t take long to get through.  Get it at Amazon via the book cover below.

best personal growth books 1% solution

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