Reunion With Old High School Buddy

This was a very special week for me because through LinkedIn, I reunited with an old high school buddy I haven’t seen since 1983.  Now a professor at University of Toronto, Dr. Wai Tung Ng was always one of the smartest students in high school and kept winning scholarships throughout university.  But it’s interesting how 27 years can change somebody for the better.  Now married with two children, Dr. Ng also races Porches, has a private pilot license and plays ice hockey in addition to globe trotting as a highly respected expert in his field.

I did manage to get him to attend one of my recent motivational keynotes and he was kind enough to go on camera to say some nice words about my presentation.  Given his highly respectable credentials, this is certainly a nice feather in my hat.  See what Dr Ng had to say below.

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