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Most people who read my selfhelp book ‘The Life Champion In You’ usually hear some version of my motivational or diversity talk first before getting the actual book.  But this week, there was an example of the other way around where one reader already read my book before and then attended one of my talks.

It turns out that I did my usual signature Canadian motivational speaker talk last year to a chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) and one audience member who bought my book at the talk, eventually gave it to her son who also read it.  I was invited back by the same chapter this year to do my other talk which is my diversity presentation.

This lady brought her son this time around so that he can hear one of my talks live since he has never been to a presention by a Canadian motivational speaker before.  Although this was my diversity talk rather than my motivational selfhelp one being presented, I do have a bit of overlap near the end of my presentation where I talk about the concept of comfort zones.

Selfhelp With Martial Arts

In my motivational selfhelp talk, I discuss comfort zone expansion.  For my diversity presentation, I also go through comfort zone expansion but apply it specifically to diversity skills development.  The interesting thing that was good especially for the audience member’s son was that in both talks, I use my karate bo staff to demonstrate the concept.

So he did get to see some martial arts element live in my talk even though it was my ‘Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success’ presentation.  Both the mother and son introduced themselves to me after my talk.  The mother also joked that she also wanted to bring her son (who is an adult) to help fill in the male element of the audience since the chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) are largely female.  Of course, I told her that this Canadian motivational speaker actually thinks that female audience are the best ones at most times.

One thing I also did at this talk was update the audience that I have a regular online selfhelp tv show in the form of my Motivational WebTV series at my Canadian motivational speaker website.  This series was not launched yet during the first time I presented to this group.  Of course, the latest episode is always on the home page of my motivational speaker website.

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