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As many of you already are aware, ethnicity diversity is a big issue among many companies these days.  Both companies and government organizations are always worrying about diversity employment rates whether they meet certain quotas.

Of course, these issues are at the top of mind of many HR or human resources departments in all types of organizations.  Companies are scrambling to make sure that they hiring practices are politically correct.  However, sometimes this can backfire on organizations when the main hiring factor in recruitment is ethnicity rather than actual qualifications of candidates for positions.

Recently, I was invited to contribute my opinions for an article on such diversity employment issues and since I have seen my share of such events involving ethnicity during my over 25 years of corporate history, I was eager to offer my input for the writer of this article.

All people working in human resources as well as senior management of any organization that works in relatively diverse environments both internally and externally (for example with customers or other associates outside the company) will benefit from this article as it serves to keep these issues top of mind.  It also has opinions from a few experts in this area so you get to see what the current thinking is on diversity employment.

Read this interesting article on ethnicity diversity employment and as always, freel free to leave your own comments on these current issues that many organizations now deal with on a day to day basis.  Even if you are not quite there at the working world yet (if a college student for example), these issues will help prepare you of some things to come that you will likely face if working in diverse environments out there.

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