Profound Motivation Statement To Live Life Better – Motivational WebTV #39

Motivation Statement

I actively scan my Twitter feed as well as other sources for motivation statement quotes all the time since I feel they help keep us on track.  I always share the really good ones with my readers and here is an example of one that I want to expand on.  The other week when I was researching for good content to post on my Motivation Facebook page, I came across an extremely profound motivation statement by John Gardner.  Here it is.

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser”

This motivation statement was short, sweet and to the point but it had such a huge impact on me.  I just love it and knew that I had to shoot an episode of Motivational WebTV, namely a Dose of Motivation episode, around it.  So I obviously got an eraser to use as a prop.

In this motivational video, I talk about how unlike with a pencil and eraser, we can’t simply erase our past mistakes in life.  But if we actively learn the lessons from our life mistakes, we will learn to live life better.  I illustrated this with a car accident I had when I was in my early 20s when I got my first sports car, a Toyota Supra.

You will hear more of the details of my car accident on video – don’t worry, nobody was hurt fortunately as it could have been much worse.  Anyway, here is the new video.  Oh yeah, please excuse my ski goggles tan.  I know that I kind of had it all winter so far!

As you could understand, I most certainly learned from that car accident and it influences how I drive my car today, especially during winter.

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  • Clint,

    It is a good quote by John Gardner. I agree with you that if we can learn from our past experience, we can do better in our lives now. But it is still a hard path to follow.

  • Yes it is often hard Jenny but it’s that effort that separates those that flourish and those who do not. Thanks for your comment.


  • Rory

    I love this video! It was parallel to an experience I had.. I had just gotten my first sports car, a Scion TC, and was speeding in the rain and hit a puddle at 80mph. I barely missed the guard rail on the bridge as I spun toward oncoming traffic. Somehow I gained control and put the car into a controlled spin in the center median avoiding any damage. Needless to say I drive cautiously in the wet now. Great job on the site Mr. Cora, keep up the good work, hopefully one day our paths will cross.

  • Glad that nobody got hurt Rory. Be safe out there.