Professional Development Skills Motivational Seminars Video Feedback

Personal Development Skills Seminars

An organization in Brampton, Ontario ran a professional development day where they wanted to expose their staff to a full day personal development skills motivational seminar run by me, Clint Cora. I conducted my program for them last week and it went really well taking about 50-60 people through it.

Although the day was a long one with some intensive activities, the motivational seminar attendees got a lot out of it and this was true for those few who have been exposed to this type of material before as well as the majority who seemed to be seeing this type of professional development skills and personal growth content for the very first time.

The audience was working through a 60 page Personal Development Action Planner guide that I developed specifically for this day long personal development skills seminar. This seminar is an extension of my hour long keynote based on my book, The Life Champion In You.

At the end of the day long program, I managed to get some feedback from a few attendees were who still mingling behind on video.  Here is the first video I shot of one of the motivational seminar attendees, Chris Lukaszewski.

Motivational Seminars

This full day professional development skills motivational seminar has a mix of presentation, audience discussion, solo work and group team work throughout the program which can last six hours including an hour for lunch.  I might even extend it by another hour of extra group team work since the attendees really enjoyed this part and some commented that they could have used more time for this.

So far, these professional development skills motivational seminars are being offered only to organizations and companies but I do plan to roll them out for the general public soon.  In the meantime, if you are in an organization or group and would like to find out more about my full day programs, see personal development skills program at my website.

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