Procrastinating Results In Disappointments

Procrastinating Leads To Disappointments

As pretty well everyone will, agree, procrastinating often leads to disappointments in life even though most people still procrastinate on a regular basis.  Here is an interesting example of how procrastination has led to disappointments among some people.

I have an interest in Native art, especially Northwest Native art and Inuit art.  For several years, I have helped Canadian aboriginal artists out by running an online Native art gallery.  So sometimes I acquire artwork that I like from aborginal artists and make them available to the world online.

Rare Limited Edition Art Prints

Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to acquire some rare limited edition art prints from Native artists.  In one such case, I got a few limited edition prints of a design called “Raven Stealing The Sun’ by artist Todd Baker of Squamish Nation, BC.  These were numbered prints and only 40 of them were ever produced by Todd.

When I got these prints, I announced them on my gallery newsletter as well as Native art blog that I run.  I even announced them on a Native art Facebook page.  As each copy of this series was sold, I posted updates.  Finally when I was down to the last one, I wanted to make sure that if anybody still had their eyes on this particular print, they better hurry and secure it because after this last one is sold, there is no more available anywhere.

Art Lovers Procrastinate Over Last Print

I kept getting emails and posts about how nice this print was and one of my past customers called me to ask if the Raven was still available.  I told him that I had only one left and he promptly ordered it online.

Others followed with inquiries and some of these had been looking at the print for some time but they were now too late.  Some asked me if I could get more copies but upon checking with the artist, no more were available anywhere in the world.

So the end result was one really happy client who got that last print and others who procrastinated which ended up in disappointment.  They could have secured one of these prints when I had a few of them initially.  But procrastination set in and now there’s no way that any of them could ever acquire this beautiful rare print for their walls anymore.

So next time opportunity comes up in life, don’t procrastinate.  Again, procrastinating will only lead to disappointments.  I shot a previous episode of Motivational WebTV on this subject — see it at Stopping Procrastination Video.

Here is the Raven print below for your interest and admiration.  Just don’t ask me if my gallery has anymore.

raven native art print procrastinating procrastinate procrastination

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