Posting Lots of Inspiration Quotes at Facebook Page

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If you haven’t noticed, I’m been posting lots of inspiration quotes at my Motivation Facebook page.  People seem to like this so I will continue to do this.  I come across a lot of inspirational sayings during my day to day tasks and will select the ones I like and share them on this Facebook page.

I’ll try to include the originator of each of the inspiration quotes whenever possible.  Some might be anonymous while a few might be from yours truly as well.  But the common thread is that these inspirational sayings will have potential to help use keep on track for our life goals.

I find that such inspiration quotes are great as little reminders to all of us including myself.  If course, I’ll select a few of these quotes to expand upon for my monthly motivational quotes newsletter issues as well as the Dose of Motivation episodes of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV.  This is when the real fun begins when we take such quotes and relate their significances to our everyday lives.

As some are already doing, feel free to comment or just click on the ‘like’ for any of the inspirational sayings that are posted at the Motivation Facebook page.  Unfortunately, I won’t be posting these quotes at this blog since I normally want to reserve longer content for my blogs.

I might post one or two inspiration quotes on my personal Facebook page but that will be all.  The main activity involving these quotes will be on my Motivation Facebook page instead so if you haven’t already, hit the ‘like’ for this page in order to get these quotes in a timely manner.

If you are already enjoying all these motivational quotes and you know of others who could benefit as well, please let them know about my Motivation Facebook page so we can help as many folks as possible.

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