Personal Management Includes Being Careful In Summer Heat

#summer #toronto #management — We are heading into perhaps the final week of a summer heatwave up here in the Toronto area with expect daytime temperatures of 32 degrees Celcius or 89.6 degrees F.  Part of our personal management during this time is to be careful not to get sunstroke or heatstroke or even sunburns while enjoying the sunshine out there.

Plently of liquids, eye protection and use of sunscreens will be essential for safe enjoyment of the last past of our summer.  I have already mentioned this on my Life With Dogs blog since I was thinking about my own two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie during this heatwave, is that pets and others are also prone to heatstroke if not careful.

It should be an extension of our personal management to make sure that we don’t leave our dogs, cats, children, babies (okay, even significant others), etc., inside the parked car while we are shopping inside an air conditioned mall or plaza.  Pets and children have tragically died because of this type of negligence.  Temperatures inside cars go be significantly higher than outside air temperatures especially in strong sunshine.

People have been arrested and fined heavily if caught doing this.  Worried passerbys would often call in police and animal control officers if they see poor dogs or babies left inside hot cars.

I’m not even going to take my two dogs outside during most of the daytime hours until late afternoons or even early evenings when temperatures are lower and the sunshine is not as intense.  This is part of my personal management with my dogs.

So do enjoy the last part of the summer out there but do have some personal management sense when it comes to the effects of heat and UV rays.  Don’t fall into the negligent status that some people do in terms of summer heat.

Parking lot
Creative Commons License photo credit: dougwwtestest

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