Personal Development Seminar Speakers In Toronto GTA

#toronto #gta #personaldevelopment  —  I met up with the managing director of the organization I will be conducting a full day Personal Development Seminar for next month and asked her if there were any specific issues that her group wanted me to address.  She told me that in previous years, the personal development speakers in the Toronto GTA were too lecture oriented which made it tough for seminar attendees over a full day.

She told me that it would be nice to have more interaction and I responded by letting her know that audience interaction is a big factor in both my keynotes and seminars.  In addition, there are various fun group activities that I put the seminar attendees through at various parts of the session.

She saw some of the videos I have at my website and said that it seemed that I would be such a personal development speaker that involved the audience quite a bit which is what her group was looking for.  The best video to capture this atmosphere is at the middle of my home page at my website.

If you belong to a company or organization and are looking for a Personal Development Seminar Speaker in the Toronto GTA with interesting angles to the topic as well as a really fun interactive session, I would be your guy then.  As a speaker, I find that the inclusion of lots of audience participation makes my job more fun as well.  The audience retains more information when there is more interaction.

Although I can travel pretty well anywhere in the world to run my seminars, companies and organizations in the Toronto GTA within say two to three hours have the benefit of having my seminar run with no travel related costs.  Such personal development seminars can be set up relatively quickly since I am located in the Toronto GTA region, specifically Mississauga.  So if interested in my full day seminar, just contact me to explore possibilities.

personal development seminar speakers toronto gta

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