Personal Development Resources Suggest Focus

Personal Development Resources

Many personal development resources I’ve come across with particular emphasis on time management suggest focusing on important tasks until they are finally completed.  I know that this is certainly one of the things that Brian Tracy advocates highly.  Once important tasks are identified, if focus is put on just those things to do and everything else much less important is pushed aside in the time being, incredible results can emerge.

One recent experience I had was with a video project for my dog litter box training resource.  I released a book on this niche topic a few months ago and its success warranted a video version as a deluxe package.  This became a top priority task but the planning, shooting of the video as well as the editing of the video footage, took longer than I had anticipated.

As I explained in my dog blog about this new project on litter box training for dogs, each component took longer than I had planned.  The actual planning of the project took two days rather than one.  The shooting took three days rather than two.  And the editing was the most time consuming.  I thought that I would be able to finish the editing with Final Cut software in two mornings of a weekend.  Instead to my surprise, it took three 12 hour days to do the editing.

Personal Development Resources Helped Me Focus

The reason why this particular project took so much time is because I didn’t realize just how much content I had.  The finished video will be just under two hours long.  But the personal development resources I’ve been exposed to did help me focus.  If I didn’t focus on getting this project done, this would have taken me something like two or more weeks to complete rather than one.

I basically took breaks to eat, exercise my dogs, workout and catch up on daily news.  The rest of the time I focused on working on this project alone.  This helped me complete the project which would have taken much longer if I had not put in the focus that I did.  Now I’ll have a new product on litter box training for dogs available.

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personal development resources litter box training for dogs
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