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#personaldevelopment #motivational  —  At present, most of my websites are hosted on Bluehost which I absolutely love.  My official Clint Cora website, which is my personal development and motivational speaker information site, is actually hosted elsewhere on a different hosting service located in Toronto.  It’s been on there for years.

However, since this Toronto web hosting service allows only one website domain on each single account with them while Bluehost allows unlimited domains per account, I’m going to transfer the entire Clint Cora website along with this personal development blog over.  I like the technical support service from Bluehost as well.

To make things as painless as possible, most of the website files have already been uploaded to Bluehost but I haven’t pointed the actual Clint Cora domain to their servers yet.  So at present, the website is still being hosted by the Toronto service.  However, I have only two weeks left in the contract with the Toronto company which I’m not going to renew.

I also want to make the actual transfer during a time period where there is the lowest amount of potential traffic to my personal development website.  This will be in late evenings, especially over the weekends.  I know these facts from the data on my website logs over time.

So what I’m going to do is make the domain name changes to point it to the new servers sometime late this Friday or Saturday night when traffic should be at minimum.  It usually still takes 24 to 48 hours for things to propogate over to a new web hosting service and this will likely be over the weekend.

During the transfer, things should be quite transparent for my motivational speaker website visitors.  The website should look the same.  The website will actually be coming from the Bluehost servers located in Utah, USA or still from Toronto, Canada.  People won’t be able to tell.  Therefore, access to great personal development information on my website will continue seamlessly throughout this transfer period for my visitors.

By the way, if you are looking at possible web hosting, see my article on web hosting.

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