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I was recommended by a few professional speaking gurus that I should create a unique personal brand as a keynote motivational speaker so that I will stand out from the rest of the pack of speakers out there.  So in order to tighten up my personal branding, I added the tagline ‘The Only Karate World Champion Motivational Speaker’ to my website home page.

This tagline for me makes a lot of sense and it was a natural evolution over the last year.  This is how people remember me and my talks.  I’m the guy who does the karate stuff and the bo staff weapon on stage.  That is my signature niche or what really sets me apart from other speakers.

Sure, there are a few other martial arts based keynote motivational speakers out there.  I think a few of them break boards or ice on stage.  I don’t do any of that.  Instead, I’m the one who uses martial arts weaponry.  And the other thing I can certainly claim up to date, is that I’m the only one out of these martial arts based speakers, who is a world champion.  I figure that I’ve earned the status and awards so I might as well use them to help further define my personal branding.

Anything that helps in making one unique is helpful in personal branding so the tagline I developed is appropriate.  That’s how people will describe me. I’m sure that it’s also what people will say more or less when describing who I am as a speaker to others who haven’t seen me before.

Branding Of Keynote Motivational Speaker

So there you go, my personal brand of ‘The Only Karate World Champion Motivational Speaker’ in the universe.  It doesn’t mean I’m better than other speakers.  It just describes who I am.  This is a way for folks to remember me and I hope that I could be of service to you as a keynote motivational speaker for a future event.

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