Paralympics More Inspiring Than Olympics In Some Ways

I’m trying to catch some of the Vancouver Paralympics on TV.  I have to admit, this event has not interested me in the past but it certainly does now.  With more media coverage than ever before, the Paralympics, which is the Olympic games for disabled athletes, is finally getting decent publicity.

Of course the level of sports performance at the Paralympics is not going to be near the level of the Olympics but I’m finding so far that it doesn’t matter.  To me, the Paralympics is more inspiring than even the Olympics in some ways — and if you have been reading my posts recently, you already know that I’ve been deeply inspired by the Vancouver Winter Olympics.  So this is really saying a lot about how I feel about the Paralympics.

Watching blind skiers, skiers with one leg, skiers with no legs (just using their arms), sledge hockey players who hit full contact on the ice and even an awesome performance of a break dancer who uses crutches during the opening ceremonies, just puts me in awe of these wonderful Paralympic athletes.

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