New Welcome Video For Motivational Speaker Website

#motivation #motivational #motivationalspeaker  — I just shot a brand new Welcome video for my motivational speaker website this morning.  I decided to put one up just to help people to navigate the main areas of my official website.

It doesn’t make any sense to reproduce this Welcome video here on this blog post since it works with the home page of the site.  So to check out the new Welcome video, just go to the home page of my motivational speaker Clint Cora website.  Hope you like it.

By the way, my Facebook page that is dedicated to motivation, personal growth and diversity is getting popular.  If you are on Facebook and like to interact with others who are also into personal growth then this is a good page to be at.  I post there on a very regular basis and you can comment there as much as you like.

If you know others who are also on Facebook and they are also into motivation and personal growth, please let them know about this page as well so they can benefit and interact with each other there as well.

For those who first get on that page, I have another separate welcome video just for that page.  To get there on that page, just go to Clint Cora Motivational Speaker Facebook Page and please don’t forget to click on the ‘Like’ button while you are there.

I do spend some time on Facebook and would love to interact with you there as well if you are a regular on that platform.

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