New Feedback On Canadian Motivational Speaker

Here’s some new feedback that came in from a Probus club that I spoke at in Scarborough, Ontario.  This was a large active audience that wanted something different for their monthly meetings so they got me in as their Canadian motivational speaker.

The audience of over 100 people was very receptive to my signature motivational speech and one thing that was different with this particular Probus club which was different from others I’ve spoken at was that there were quite technology savy.  They had their own screen, computer projector, laptop and speakers.

When I got there just before their meeting break, a few of their own members were doing some mini-presentations showing photos with the computer projector.  This is usually the standard agenda for Probus clubs.  They have their own business, announcements and other internal presentations during the first hour of their meetings.

Then the guest keynote speakers go on for the second half of their meetings.  They do like a variety of guest speakers and I was their first Canadian motivational speaker ever to speak at their club.

The talk went over really well as they were enthusiastic and appreciative of my motivational speech.  They really liked the photos that I showed on the screen as well.  The meet and greet session afterwards was a real delight too.

Here’s what I got as feedback from their speaker coordinator;

“Our Probus club thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on September the 16th.  There certainly were no sleepers during your talk.  We had many positive comments after you left us.

“Judging  from the number of people that purchased your book, the message that you delivered was one they wanted to pass on to their children and/or grandchildren.  Thank you again for a wonderful presentation,  it was very enlightening.”

Harold Coker, Speaker Co-ordinator, The Probus Club of Scarborough Centre

I’m booked on a few more Probus clubs this season and I’m certainly looking forward to them as they are always great audiences for my motivational talks.  This Canadian motivational speaker can’t really ask for more in terms of receptive audiences.

If you think that you have an audience that would appreciate my talks as well, please contact me at my motivational speaker website.

The audience
Creative Commons License photo credit: adactio

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