New Blog For Dog Lovers

Those of you who read my book, The Life Champion In You, know that I’m a huge advocate of having pets as a way to enrich one’s life.  I have two dogs, both lhasa apsos.  In fact, I have been a dog owner since 1979 and my present two are a pair of siblings named Chester and Roxie.  They are my second pair of lhasa apsos I have ever owned.

Dogs are a big part of my life and I’m sure they are to some of you as well.  So I am pleased to announce that I have launched yet another new blog called Life With Dogs Blog for dog lovers out there.  Feel free to check it out and yes, those are my lhasa apsos up at the top of my new dog blog.  Feel free to leave comments there as well since I want to make it interactive, as with all my blogs and Facebook pages.

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