Need To Remind Ourselves Of Time Management Skills

#time #selfhelp #success —  Today was an interesting day for me because it was proof that we all need to remind ourselves of time management skills every now and then.  While I was in between appointments during my pharmaceutical sales consulting project yesterday, I took the time to doing something constuctive rather than just wait around doing nothing.

So I worked on planning the content for the new videos I wanted to shoot for my dog training project.  I was eager to shoot these new clips and promptly started shooting them this morning.  I had other things planned for today as well but more on that later.

I ended up shooting five new short videos for my dog project and completely edited them with iMovie with sound and some additional photos I embedded.  Then it was time to upload them all to the various video websites.

Well, I’m writing this blog post as the fifth and final video is being uploaded to the video sites.  Good progress on my dog training project today.  The only problem is that it’s dinner time.  That’s right, I was so focused (which is not a bad thing) on the production of these new dog videos and having fun at doing them, I completely lost track of time.  Although great for completing a task, it wasn’t a great example of time management skills today.

As a result of the video work today, most of the other things I wanted to get done today will not be done.  I’ll have to reschedule some of these tasks to tomorrow and other future days.  There are some things besides the dog videos that I do definitely want to do this weekend.  What I could have done is perhaps spread out my dog videos production a bit since completing all five clips this weekend was not an absolute necessity.

So I will have to remind myself of time management and prioritize my tasks for this weekend.  Studying basic Spanish for my upcoming trip to Cuba in early November as well as giving my dogs a haircut are priorities for the weekend that I don’t want to leave until the upcoming week.

I also want to put in some time to play my guitar (to keep my music skills) and start packing for my trip.  These are examples of tasks that I will get to but only after my first two priorities mentioned.

There are already other things I’ve already rescheduled for after I return from Cuba.  These are still important tasks but they are not as important from a time sensitive point of view.  Therefore good time management dictates that they be postponed to the future but still scheduled so I won’t forget them.

I hope that my own experience this weekend has reminded you to revisit your own time management skills as well so that you could complete your tasks of top priority.  Speaking of time, I hope you will find it worthwhile to catch up on any episodes of my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV show since each video contains a golden nugget for your personal success.

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