Native Art With Inspirational Pictures By Inspirational People

#inspirational #art  —–   I don’t know how much exposure everyone here has had with Native art, particularly Native American art but I am deeply inspired by the artwork that Native artists create.   At first, I saw inspirational pictures of Native artwork in magazines and then I saw many works live while traveling in BC, Canada.  I fell in love with this type of art and I think the works are really made by very inspirational people.

The talent and skill put into each piece are absolutely incredible and I find this motivating.  I feel the same way with Inuit art, particularly the stone carvings.  I went up to the Arctic twice to acquire artwork directly from Inuit artists living up there.  These trips were quite exceptional experiences.

One of the projects that I started a few years ago in order to help both Native artists and Inuit carvers out to spread the awareness of their beautiful work was to create a website.  This was really my first big online internet project.  My project called Free Spirit Gallery, is now the biggest online information resource on Northwest Native art and Inuit art with over 6,000 subscribers to a monthly newsletter.

I even wrote two ebooks loaded with educational information on both Pacific Northwest Native art and Inuit art.  Both of these ebooks are available as free downloads for new subscribers of the Free Spirit Gallery newsletter.

And now, Free Spirit Gallery has evolved to include Facebook as well.  A unique Facebook Fan page dedicated to Native American art and Inuit art was launched this week so if you like being on Facebook, check this page out as I will be sharing lots of inspirational pictures of Native art and Inuit art on a regular basis there.  It’s the least I could do for these inspirational people who have made such awesome creations that have enriched my life.

Native American Art bear carving facebook fan page inuit art

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