My Pharmaceutical Sales And Marketing Role Now

Pharmaceutical Sales And Marketing

Since I have a long pharmaceutical sales and marketing background, an acquaintence asked me recently if I was interested in partnering up with somebody he knew that wanted to start a new company in the pharmaceutical field.  Although I was flattered, my answer was definitely no.

I didn’t want to invest in an area where I would be limited to pharmaceutical sales and marketing in that type of capacity.  So my role in this field is better explained in this post.

Help People Become Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

One key role that I play is to help people become pharmaceutical sales representatives.  I do this through my various resources such as my book and audio program called How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager”.  I also offer a free Webinar on Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives Positions.  This is a good place to start to learn about the resources I have for aspiring drug reps if this is your case.

Pharmaceutical Sales And Marketing Consulting

Another role I would play is be a consultant in pharmaceutical sales and marketing.  I do these short term consulting projects either directly for drug companies or through companies that are hired by drug companies.   Interested potential clients in the pharma industry can reach me at my contact information.

Pharmaceutical Sales Motivational Speaker

My third role in this industry is that of a sales motivational speaker where I will be the guest speaker for companies at their sales meetings to help motivate their current pharmaceutical sales representatives and marketing staff.  More information on my role as a pharmaceutical sales motivational speaker is available too.

Through these three roles, I basically help new people who want to become pharmaceutical sales representatives as well as current companies involved in pharmaceutical sales and marketing.  This is enough for me and my pharma sales readers as well as clients and  audiences who are happy.

I don’t need or want to start up a new venture as it will take my efforts away from the three roles that I have right now in pharmaceutical sales and marketing.

pharmaceutical sales and marketing sales motivational speaker
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