Muslim Hockey Player Nazim Kadri Good For Diversity

#torontomapleleafs #diversity #muslim — In the sports news up here in the #Toronto area has been the pre-season exhibition games featuring the #Toronto Maple Leafs since this town is a huge #hockey city. #NHL fans here are just crazy about our Leafs despite the team missing the playoffs each season. These days, the spotlight during training camps and the pre-season games seem to be on their first round draft pick, Nazim Kadri, who is the first Muslim hockey player in the NHL system. This in my view is good for diversity.

Although Kadri is showing some great skills, he’s not going to make the final cut into the general roster for the Maple Leafs this year. Coaching staff feels that he needs to be more seasoned so they are sending him down to the Toronto Marlies which is a farm team for the Maple Leafs.

That’s okay since he’s only 19 years old and has a long way to go. He still shows that no matter what background one comes from, one can still succeed in anything. This includes being a professional hockey player.

Nazim Kadri is a great example and role model for Muslims as well as diversity. Diversity is a good thing in professional sports. Too often, immigrants here in North America see professional sports here as mostly white or black. Sports on TV here are relatively non-ethnic.

But with more ethnic players from Latin, Asian and even aboriginal backgrounds into professional sports, it’s a good eye-opener for both ethnic and non-ethnic alike here in North America. I hope that people will integrate more as a result. Diversity doesn’t work unless there is more integration.

What are your thougths on more diversity in professional sports? Do you think it’s a good thing and why? Feel free to leave your comments below or at my Motivation Facebook page.

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