Multicultural Diversity Events All Summer

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Once again, looks like we will be having all sorts of multicultural diversity events all summer here in the Mississauga and Toronto area.  We started off with a bang with our three day event called Carassauga Festival of Cultures.  It featured pavilions showcasing over 60 different countries from around the world and since they are put on by locals, it shows the highly diverse population we have here now.

I’ve been to Carassauga a few times and never tire from attending.  It’s great to get so much exposure to cultures and learn about them.  This can only be positive as it helps us become more effective in our diverse working environments these days.

This year’s Carassauga was more condensed than other years I attended.  They managed to bring about half of the 30 or so pavilions right on one site at the Hershey Centre rather than at various indoor locations spread throughout the city.  There was much less driving around than before although I think the organizers took a risk with having many of the pavilions under outdoor tents.  The weather was cooperative as it was sunny and hot rather than rain.  But the heat was a problem at times too.  I for one went inside a few times just to escape from the sun.

I did manage to get lots of video footage of the various performances in music and dance from the different cultures and a future episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV will definitely show the best of the best that I took anyway.  But it will be several weeks yet because there are two other episodes ahead of this one since I want to feature diversity topics every few episodes and we just had one (the Chinese food episode).

The event was great and the video highlights will definitely be worth waiting for.  Carassauga remains one of the best multicultural diversity events anywhere.  If you can’t wait, the video will likely be uploaded to video sites like YouTube well before the official launch of the episode.  You just have to do a search for it.

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