Motivation Statement On Will For Achieving Success In Motivational WebTV #2

Vince Lombardi Motivation Statement

Episode 2 of my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV is now online.  I talk about one of the most famous motivational quotes ever by Vince Lombardi.  This motivation statement is about the will for achieving success and this is one of the motivational quotes that should be standard study in any personal development.

Vince Lombardi was probably the greatest NFL (National Football League in the US) football coach ever.  His motivational quotes have stood the test of time as they are used throughout the sports and business worlds.  In fact, I got introduced to his sayings on a Successories product that featured one of his quotes.

Of course, coach Lombardi’s motivational quotes although were originally meant for his football players, can easily be adapted to achieving success in anything else in life.  Lombardi noticed that through his years of coaching football, there were differences between winners and those who did not become champions.  Adapting this same observation to other people in other areas of life was quite natural, especially for those who are truly interested in their personal development.

I hope to introduce to many people around the world, especially those who are not familiar with Vince Lombardi, on his wisdom and how it can be applied to our own personal development today.  Of course, for those who already know about Lombardi and the particular motivation statement I’ll be covering in this second episode, it will be a great reminder.

Motivation Statement Expanded On Video

As before, I hope you enjoy this second episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV which expands on a Lombardi’s motivation statment and your comments are always welcome at this blog post.

Missed any past episodes?  See them here at Motivational Videos TV.  And of course, if you think that your friends could benefit from viewing this video, please share it with them.  Sports fans will be particularly interested in this one with the powerful motivation statement.

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