Failure And Making Mistakes In Success Motivation – Motivational WebTV #25

Success Motivation With Failure

Are you afraid of making mistakes resulting in failure?  Is this why you might be shy about tackling that big dream you always wanted to pursue but were afraid of?  Well, that’s fairly common but here’s something that will shine a different light on it.  Here is the next episode of Motivational WebTV which just happens to be the video version of this month’s Motivational Quotes Newsletter that my free subscribers got.  It talks about failure and making mistakes which are things that nobody likes and how it relates to success motivation.

The good news is that failure can be turned into something positive if you take it as learning opportunities.  As James Joyce said, “Mistakes are the portals to discovery.”

This is a powerful motivational quote as it reminds us that it’s okay to make mistakes since they can lead us to discover how to do things better in life.  It’s okay to fail and not be afraid of it.  Failure is just a normal part of the overall process in achieving success.  Just ask anybody who has achieved great success and they will tell you that they have failed many times.

Making Mistakes In Success Motivation

Here is the video episode about success motivation and making mistakes;

I hope this video connects with you since it is important that we all learn that making mistakes can lead to success motivation if we learn from them.  We should never let fear of failure prevent us from even starting our goals.

If you know of other people who do have a fear of failure, please do them a favor by sending them this video in order to help them get a better perspective on things.  It’s never pleasant to see others get stuck in their potentials because they were afraid of making mistakes.  The lesson contained in this episode of Motivational WebTV is one of the most powerful about success motivation we could ever learn.

Catch Up On More Success Motivation

Thanks for your continued support of my Motivational WebTV series.  The next episode after this one is shot and completed but I won’t be releasing it until I return from my Havana conference in two weeks.  This is because internet connections in Cuba are not great so this will severely limit me in the steps to take to get the next episode online.  Instead, there will be an automated message to my viewers to contain some other things including the link to the motivational video archive for catching up on missed episodes.

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