Personal Development Skills Inspired By Brian Tracy – Motivational WebTV #21

Personal Development Skills

One of the gurus I follow on a regular basis is Brian Tracy for his practical advice on business, time management and personal development.  Not only did I have the pleasure of listening to success guru Brian Tracy speak live when I was attending a seminar bootcamp in Los Angeles two years ago, I also read his book Million Dollar Habits (which is a great read by the way).  I covered one of his quotes in the February Motivational Quotes newsletter so I won’t repeat all the details here.  But I will offer the personal development skills that will be connected with this quote in this new Motivational WebTV episode.

By here is the quote I was referring to by Brian Tracy;

“I have never met anyone, anywhere, throughout the world who has not transformed their lives and their careers by the habit of daily reading.”

Personal Development Skills Inspired By Brian Tracy

This is such an important success tip that I thought that it was worthy of a video version in the form of a Motivational WebTV episode.  So here it is below to further illustrate the rationale of these personal development skills as well as how you can implement it.

I’ll do some short book reviews on some of the titles that I have read so far that really influenced me in future episodes of Motivational WebTV.  These are books I’ve read for personal success and I have picked up great ideas from.

If you know of others who could benefit from the success tip inspired by Brian Tracy here, please pass this video to them.  Your comments on this video are also welcome below.

I already have 2-3 other new episodes of Motivational WebTV ‘in the can’ fully completed and will release them weekly as planned.  And yes, one of them will be another with awesome scuba diving video footage so do stay tuned for them.

Hope you enjoy this current video even though for all of you college students, it might be a hard tip to take as I’m sure that the last thing you want on your plates are more books.  But this is reality as the most successful people in the world swear by these personal development skills.

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  • Brian Tracy’s ideas are not revolutionary but the results of his idea are revolutionary.