Motivational Videos Teaching Diversity

#diversity #motivational — Since I’m switching gears this weekend to prepare for my diversity talk at Daemen College in the Buffalo area next Monday, I thought that I would list out (with links of course) all the previous episodes of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV that featured some sort of element teaching diversity related skills.  I try to shoot a new motivational video with this in mind for every couple of episodes.

Here are the past motivational videos released so far with this important topic;

Episode #5 – Diversity Skills For Success – the very first episode where I introduced the concept of diversity skills for achieving success

Episode #8 – How Chinese Food Helps Build Relationships – I take you inside a real Chinese dim sum restaurant to show you how ethnic food can help foster relationships with different people.

Episode #11 – Multicultural Festival Highlights – video highlights of the many different pavilions and entertainment performances at the Carrassauga Festival in my hometown.

In addition to speaking on motivation and personal growth, I also speak on diversity as my other major topic for keynotes and seminars.  All of my speaking programs are listed and described depending on the type of audience at my website.

Since there is so much diversity in many countries these days, particularly in the leading industrial nations such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany, achieving success today involves being able to be effective in the diverse working envirnoments.

The more prepared you are in terms of dealing with diversity, the better you will be in any diverse working environment.  This is true for both ethnic and non-ethnic people alike in any country.

This is why I have decided to produce some motivational videos teaching diversity so that people can get some exposure to the concept of developing diversity skills.  So if you haven’t watched the above episodes of Motivational WebTV, I would suggest that you give them a view.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Steve Snodgrass

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