Motivational Videos Survey Results – WebTV #40

Motivational Videos Survey

Getting feedback is important and this is no exception for a motivational videos series which is why I chose to run a quick online survey.  Thanks you to all of the kind folks who did my recent quick motivational videos survey to give me some feedback on how to improve future episodes of Motivational WebTV.  Since this will be episode #40, I wanted to see if I could make any improvements and changes to make the viewing experience better for everyone out there.

I decided to share the results of this survey as a new episode of Motivational WebTV and I added a nice success tip at the end that hopefully everyone can benefit from whether they did the survey or not.  There were some really interesting feedback from the open question I had on getting any comments or suggestions on how to improve the motivational videos.  I share several of these suggestions I received as part of the new episode.

I will try my best to implement as many of the suggestions as I can in the future.  One of the areas which was voted upon was the time length of my motivational videos.  About one third of you indicated that you would prefer my motivational videos to be five minutes or less while about two thirds of you implied that it’s okay to have episodes over five minutes as long as they are not over ten minutes.

What I will do is try to keep more future episodes at five minutes or less but if I have certain topics or guest interviews especially, these will be more towards the six to eight minutes mark.  As you can appreciate, it’s pointless to do guest interviews under five minutes as a shorter length just doesn’t do interviews any justice.

Here’s the episode with the survey results as well as my motivational tip at the end.

If you still haven’t seen all of the other past 39 episodes, check out the full listing at my motivational videos archive and catch up on those that interest you.  Again, many thanks to those of you who did my survey and also to everyone who continues to view my Motivational WebTV shows.

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