Motivational Video Of Disabled Wheelchair Athletes Coming

Motivational Video Coming

When I won a division level Toastmasters speech contest last year, one of the members who was present whom I haven’t seen for some time was a fellow in a wheelchair.  It was shortly after the 2010 Paralympics Games in Vancouver and he happened to have a sweatshirt with the phrase of one of the featured official sportings events from the games.

It turns out that unknown to most of us, this person had been involved in this particular sport for many years.  So I asked him whether he wanted to be a guest on my Motivational WebTV show sometime since I thought that we would be able to work out a great story.

Disabled Wheelchair Athletes Caught In Action

Well, over a year later, we finally got around to actually shooting footage for a motivational video of my interview with this individual as well as capturing other disabled wheelchair athletes in action playing this sport.  I won’t reveal what this sport is at the moment since I want to keep some sort of surprise (by the way, it is NOT the sport shown in the photo below!)

However, I am sure that most of you will be quite inspired by both the interview as well as the sports action caught on video.  This will be maybe my best guest interview up to date when considering the actual interview, the accompanying action footage and the story behind it.  I’m quite pleased with the outcome of this special motivational video episode.

Special Motivational Video Release Soon

Don’t hold me to it but since I already have a few other episodes of Motivational WebTV already in the can, I might release this particular motivational video featuring these disabled wheelchair athletes sometime this month but not right away.  I will release at least one or maybe even two other episodes first before this guest interview one.

I hope you will stay tuned for all of these future episodes of Motivational WebTV.  In the meantime, if you missed any of the past shows, catch them at my motivational video archive.

disabled wheelchair athletes motivational video
Creative Commons License photo credit: Gordon Marino

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